‘Justice League’ is Officially Coming, Zack Snyder’s Directing It

'Batman vs. Superman' to lead directly into epic team-up movie of epic-ness

Posted by Jesse B. Gill


So you’ve all heard the big news you all knew was coming -- Yes, Warner Brothers is officially doing a Justice League movie and yes, Zack Snyder is releasing and yes, it will come directly after Snyder’s ‘Batman vs. Superman’ movie. 


Greg Silverman, president of worldwide production for Warner Bros. spoke with the Wall Street Journal’s Ben Fritz in a blog posted over the weekend that lays out WB/DC’s superhero rollout plans. 


If you’re a fan of DC’s iconic superheroes (and Aquaman) or a just a fan of superhero movies in general, this is good news. God bless Marvel, but the company can’t keep the superhero movie boom going all by itself. It’s taken DC a while to get their plan together but now it looks like they do indeed have one. 


Silverman also mentioned plans to bring ‘Shazaam!,’ ‘Metal Men,’ ‘100 Bullets’ and ‘Fables’ to the big screen. By way of its Vertigo and (now-defunct) WildStorm imprints, DC Comics has so many great properties to draw from, so it’s cool to see them working to develop that stuff. 


The most disappointing news is that DC and Warner Bros. don’t seem any closer to getting a Wonder Woman movie off the ground. Let’s hope that’s the next thing on their superhero to-do list. 


Anyway, check out the full story here if you haven’t already. Below is a little video we did about the still-to-be-officially-announced title of the Batman vs. Superman flick. Enjoys!



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