‘Star Wars’ Kills Expanded Universe, Announces New Continuity

Your Thrawn trilogy will make great kindling



Posted by Jesse B. Gill



Hey guys. I’m kind of bummed. I spent many, many years of my youth consuming as much Star Wars Expanded Universe stuff as I could. And now? (sigh) It’s all for naught.

Lucasfilm announced over the weekend that the Expanded Universe is now no more. All those novels, comics and video games that fleshed out the Star Wars universe you don’t see in the films, now reside totally outside of the official canon.

So yeah. All of those New Jedi Order novels might have been fun to read, but nothing that happened in them officially matters anymore.

And while that kind of hurts now...I kind of think this could be a good thing moving forward. If Lucasfilm’s new story panel can effectively make the new films, new games, shows and literature all fit into one cohesive continuity, it could make for a huge Star Wars universe that works a lot like the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In any case, below is a video we did back in January about our favorite Expanded Universe characters. Who are yours? Let us know in the comments.

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