How to Become the Next Magneto

In just 47 easy steps.

Posted by Leah Singerman


It’s true, we’ve all wanted to be X-Men in some form or another. Well, this Australian guy Colin Furze is making our dreams come true, one character at a time.


For all you attention-cravers who just want to be Wolverine, Colin will show you how. In the video below, he literally creates Wolverine claws- and they’re not the knives duct-taped around his hands that you see in the beginning, we promise.


More of the bad guy type? You can be the next Magneto with these epic magnetic boots. Check out the video to watch Colin create the boots and then giggle like a little girl when they finally work. Hey, no judgment. We’d be giggling too.


What fancy piece of X-Men technology do you want to learn how to make next? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @DweebCast to let us know.

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