These Pokemon Can and Will Kill You

Happy Monday.

Posted by Leah Singerman


Well, this is horrifying. 


Remember Pokemon, that harmless and fun card game? WELL THINK AGAIN BECAUSE THOSE POKEMON CAN TOTALLY KILL YOU. And thanks to Jake at VSauce3, we know exactly how. With lots of graphic details. 


You may be thinking, "Hey, no big deal. Pokemon are fake. So what if they have deadly powers?" Well, Jake blows that bit of logic to pieces by connecting all of these deadly powers to real life things. First is Magcargo, who is hotter than the sun. Next is Blastoise, whose jets of water could go right through you, and that steel wall behind you. And finally, Victreebel, a plant whose human-dissolving and eating powers make Little Shop of Horrors look like childsplay. 


Have a looksie: 



Of course the point of Pokemon is fighting. But it's way scarier when you know that if you get on their bad sides, these Pokemon could be out to get you next. Or are we just freaking out about this way too much?


Anyway, which ones did he miss? Who are your favorite deadly Pokemon? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @Dweebcast


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