Top Ten Time Travel Mistakes in Back to the Future

Our brains hurt.

Posted by Leah Singerman

 Time travel can be really freaking awesome, but it can also be really freaking confusing.

Back to the Future is a fantastic piece of science and of art, but even Doc and Marty didn’t get it all quite right. Check out the video below for just ten of the major time travel mistakes made in the Back to the Future franchise.

These explanations make my brain ache and cry, but I can’t say I’ve never thought about them before. I mean, seriously, in what universe would Marty’s parents have forgotten all about the guy who got them together at the Enchantment Under the Sea dance? How could they possibly not recognize their old buddy Calvin!?

So Back to the Future made a couple mistakes. What time travel story doesn’t? Even so, maybe it’s for the best that nobody has figured out how to put together a real-life flux capacitor yet, cause I don’t think we’re ready for this jelly.

Can you explain any of these mistakes? Got any favorites that aren’t included? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @Dweebcast.


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