Whose Line Is It Anyway Does Star Wars

Because Anakin Skywalker's battle cry really should have been "The Canadians are coming!"

Posted by Leah Singerman


Probably one of the funnest parts about being a Star Wars fan is getting every Star Wars reference in pop culture- we all know there are a ton of them. But what about when TV shows make their own additions to Star Wars lore?


We love improv, and we love Whose Line. If you're not a fan, just sayin', you should be. So funny. And Whose Line seems to appreciate the rich fodder that is Star Wars, because they've done a bunch of different games with it. Check out a few: 



Some good old fashioned fun for any of us who have pretended to be Obi-Wan, Anakin, or a spaceship... so basically all of us. Our favorite part is renaming Obi-Wan Hellen. Ewan McGregor definitely looks like a Hellen, doesn't he? And this opens us up to a whole world of the possibility of sci-fi/fantasy improv. Wouldn't that be awesome?


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