The 43 Sins of Dark Knight

This movie is going to hell.

Posted by Leah Singerman


If you’ve never spent any time on the CinemaSins channel, I highly recommend that you do. These people are actually pretty impressive; they can find every single flaw in any given movie. And their latest victim is Dark Knight.



That’s right, you thought this movie was great, and you thought wrong. Forty-three sinneroonies. Be ashamed.


Just kidding. Most of these “sins” are pretty small and they don’t really interfere with anyone’s enjoyment of the movie. I have to say, though, they brought up a few things that I think we’ve all wondered about:


1. Rachel is totally down with Harvey Dent even though everyone is trying to kill him, but she refused Batman for the same reason. Why do all superheroes have to deal with this? Spiderman, anybody?

2. Can you actually put the eraser end of a pencil through someone’s head? We get it, Joker is legit, but let’s be realistic about this.

3. How did the Joker time the bombs so perfectly when there’s no way he could have known how the night would go timing-wise? This is probably the most serious mistake, and it still hurts. #toosoon


Regardless, we still love Dark Knight. Heath Ledger’s Joker won’t soon be forgotten. ‘Nuff said.


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