The American Doctor Who

If only.

Posted by Leah Singerman

England and America borrow from each other a lot. Well, America borrows from England a lot. We borrowed their people, their music, The Office, and of course, Doctor Who. Don't you remember? The Doctor was played by such greats as Dick Van Dyke, Nick Cage, and even Harrison Ford.

Okay, so that didn't actually happen. But SmugMode made a dream cast of American Doctors, and it was awesome.

And then Sam Vestey made it into a fake trailer. And it was even more awesome. Check it.

So, essentially, Sam Vestey took a look at SmugMode's Doctors, and picked out some of their greatest works. Then he cut them together to look like a bunch of episodes of Doctor Who. The full list of his sources is on the "about" section of the YouTube video, but here are just a few: Rocky, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Community, Iron Man 2. The list goes on and on. Who knew that basically every movie and television show ever could be part of the twisted, crazy universe that is Doctor Who? Well, all of us. 

Anyway, this was super cool and entertaining, but just one question. Harrison Ford without Star Wars? Really?

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