The Adventures of Steve

Posted by Leah Singerman

What if you had a superhero for a roommate?

And what if that superhero wasn't just any superhero, but he was like, the biggest superhero in the world? 

And what if superheroes were common and we saw them all the time?

Well it's a great thing you happened to have these questions, because this show/movie/comic called The Adventures of Steve is here to answer them. It's a story about a guy who lives with a superhero, but that's not the only cool thing. The whole story is about the common tropes of superhero lore. So the hero is called Mr. Wonderful ("Mr. Wonderful is the most extraordinary hero in the known universe. If Superman were to impregnate Thor, and that baby was raised by Jesus, it would grow up to want to party with Mr. Wonderful"), the villain is named Epic Fail, and the setting is called Uber City. So it's a little bit like Superman, except that it's trying to be funny. 

Take a look at the sizzle trailer: 

This trailer doesn't really tell us much, but the story seems interesting and it seems to have done fairly well in its other forms. Now the creators want to make it into a feature film, and they're trying to fund it on Indiegogo. Unfortunately it doesn't look like funding is going so well. But if you're into it, spread the word and make it happen! Either way, The Adventures of Steve is still a web series, and a pretty good one at that.

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