This Dumbledore vs Grindelwald Battle is Superb

More, please.

Posted by Leah Singerman

We get superhero origin stories all the time- you name a superhero, we know their origin, and there's probably been a movie about it, too. Well, that's fantastic for them, but where's the love for Harry Potter origin stories?

Granted, Deathly Hallows gave us some great Dumbledore backstory, and we have things like fan fiction to answer our burning questions about life before Book 1, but there's still so much more to tell. Luckily Potterheads are quite a talented bunch, so fans regularly set out to tell it themselves.

This fan vid, called "The Greater Good," is all about the storied fight between Albus, Aberforth, and Grindelwald that ends in Ariana's death. Cool thing is, it was made on zero budget! That explains why the magic looks a bit hokey... well, really hokey... but for no budget we'll take it.

This video is also super cool because it gives Ariana more power than the book does. In the book she's just a passive recipient of the boys' interactions, but in this film she actually was trying to save them and that's what caused her death. That makes the story so much more compelling.

When are we going to see this kind of thing on the big screen? Or even Gotham-style on the small screen. Seriously, JKR gave us a ridiculous amount of material to play with and life is just a tease if we never get to see it. So can somebody please get this to happen?

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