Donald Glover Finally Gets to Be Spider-Man

...kind of...

Posted by Xander Pakzad

After a four-year campaign to get Donald Glover cast as Spider-Man, the actor/comedian will finally get a chance to portray the web-slinger—at least in animated form. USA Today reported today that Glover will voice Miles Morales in the animated series Ultimate Spider-Man.

Fans initially rallied for Glover to be Peter Parker in The Amazing Spider-Man. The overwhelming support for Glover inspired the Miles Morales character, Peter Parker’s successor in Marvel’s Ultimate comics line.

Here's a clip of Childish Gambino himself as Ultimate Spider-Man.

Introducing the African-American/Latino character into the Ultimate universe is part of Marvel’s trend toward diversity. Last month, they revealed the new female Thor and African-American Captain America. Spider-Woman herself Jessica Drew is also getting a reboot. (Although the variant cover for issue #1 didn't show her at her most, uhh... empowered.)

“That’s the great part about the Spider-Man costume: He can be anybody,” Glover said of his new role. “Spider-Man could be a girl. Spider-Man could be an old man. You don’t know.”

The third season of Ultimate Spider-Man premieres this Sunday on Disney XD. Glover will make his debut next year as part of the “Spider-Verse” story arc.

Annnnd just for good measure, here's our video on the five coolest Spider-Man suits ever...and yes, Mile Morales Spidey is on the list!

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