FRESH WEDNESDAY: New Comic Books for 9/17/2014

Here’s what’s new in the comic world for September 17, 2014.

Posted by Xander Pakzad

Future's End

The big event for today is the explosion of Future’s End storylines coming out for everyone and their mothers in DC Comics. Each issue is available with a 2D cover as well as the 3D lenticular version that shows the difference between our heroes today and five years in future. In total, eleven series are starting their Future’s End runs. If you’re a fan of The New 52 and want to see what the future has in store, September might be a splurge month for you.

Deadpool Bi-Annual

The Deadpool bi-annual out today sees our hero rivaled against Brute Force, the interspecies gang that hasn’t been seen in comics for 24 years! With comedy writers Paul Scheer (yep, that Paul Scheer) and Nick Giovannetti behind the issue, expect Deadpool to crack jokes and take nothing seriously for all 40 pages. I mean, just look at his socks.

Criminal Macabre: The Third Child

Steve Niles (30 Days of Night) brings back troubled detective Cal MacDonald for another run of Dark Horse’s occult series. Niles has a long history with horror, and Illustrator Christopher Mitten's inking is equal parts gruesome and noir.

Oddly Normal

If you’re looking for a new story suitable for all ages, check out Oddly Normal. From writer and artist Otis Frampton, Oddly Normal tells the story of an awkward, pointy-eared, ten-year old daughter of a witch. The first issue chronicles her troubles with making friends at school and the mystery of where her parents disappeared to. Originally a webcomic and graphic novel, this is Oddly’s first printed series.


The full list of #1s coming out today:

BOOM! Studios

Jim Henson's The Storyteller Witches #1 (Of 4)

Dark Horse Comics

Criminal Macabre The Third Child #1 (Of 4)

DC Comics

Batman And Robin Futures End #1

Batman Superman Futures End #1

Batwoman Futures End #1

Gotham Central Special Edition #1

Green Lantern New Guardians Futures End #1

Justice League Futures End #1

Multiversity The Society Of Super-Heroes Conquerors Of The Counter-World #1

Red Hood And The Outlaws Futures End #1

Superman Wonder Woman Futures End #1Supergirl Futures End #1

Teen Titans Futures End #1

Trinity Of Sin Pandora Futures End #1

Wonder Woman Futures End #1

Bionic Woman Season Four #1

Dynamite Entertainment

Purgatori #1 (variant covers)

IDW Publishing

Super Secret Crisis War Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends #1

Image Comics

Oddly Normal #1

Marvel Comics

Amazing Spider-Man #1 (Stan Lee & John Romita Sr. Signed Edition)(Ken Haeser Remarked Edition)(Dynamic Forces)

Deadpool Bi-Annual #1

Deadpool Vs Carnage #1 (Of 4)

Hulk Annual #1

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