DIY Flight Simulators Put Your Games to Shame

You won't find these in your neighborhood arcade.

Posted by Xander Pakzad

With the advanced technology of movie theaters, home entertainment setups, and cutting-edge video games, we can transport ourselves anywhere relatively easily. Usually, that’s enough escapism for the average person. Unless you’re overachiever Richard Hutchinson who spent months and thousands of dollars on a homemade Boeing 737 simulator.

Yep, he even got a flight attendant. I’d like to see that Craigslist ad.

“Seeking experienced stewardess for private work in my home. Must get along with my wife.”

What’s crazy is that he’s not the only middle-aged dude to construct a landlocked airplane in his own home. Meet James Price, creator of a garage 737. He found the nose in a junkyard and fit it with a customized cockpit, complete with cupholders.

Another man in Washington recently built his own fight simulator to get over his fear of flying.

Apparently this is a whole subculture. Online stores sell parts that replicate actual aircraft gear, and you can get blueprints to build your own cockpit.

I wonder if they take their planes to the mile high club...

But seriously, have they not heard of Microsoft Flight Simulator?

Or X-Plane?

I don’t mean to judge. It just seems like great lengths to go to for an experience that doesn’t change much over time.

To each his/her own, I suppose. Whatever keeps the kids off drugs.

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