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R.A. Dickey teaches how to throw a knuckleball

Larry King NowNov 15 '12

Former National League CY Young award winner R.A. Dickey gives step by step instructions to Larry King's son Chance on how to grip and throw the knuckleball, one of baseball's toughest and most intriguing pitches.
R.A. Dickey is one of baseball's Cinderella stories, a former first round draft pick, and Team USA pitcher. Dickey became a career minor leaguer when it was discovered that he was missing his UCL (The same ligament that is repaired by Tommy John Surgery). While pitching in the minors, Dickey started to toy around with the Knuckleball, and when given a chance to start with the Mets, he reinvented himself.
Dickey revealed that it took six years for him to learn how to throw the knuckleball. The biggest misconception about throwing the knuckleball? It is actually thrown with your fingers.