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Jenny McCarthy On What Led to Playboy

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Jenna Jameson

Larry King NowOct 24 '13

Adult film star-turned-bestselling author Jenna Jameson stops by to talk porn, piety and politics. Jenna confesses she has no regrets, while openly discussing motherhood and her breakup with the father of her children, Tito Ortiz.

Jenna Jameson is a famous adult film actress that became a part of mainstream pop culture after she published a New York Times best-selling memoir. Larry King interviews her about her early life, her background as an adult actress and her erotic fiction book "Sugar."


The star turned to writing fiction after writing a memoir of her life as a porn star, basing some of the memoir on parts of her life. Her fan base expanded from one that was mostly male to encompass women once her memoir skyrocketed to success.


Jameson stopped making adult films many years ago, built a brand and left before the decline of the industry. The star says that being a porn star is about being able to act, since the environment isn't particularly conductive to a satisfying sexual experience.


Growing up in Las Vegas, Jenna Jameson was a studious and quiet child that started stripping when she was 17, two years after losing her virginity. She wanted to be a dancer, like her mother, but worked around the magazine circuit, appearing naked in magazines like Hustler and Playboy. Adult film producers started to approach her. That's when she knew she wanted to go into porn: there weren't any women in the industry and she saw an opportunity there.


She believes that Fifty Shades of Grey, along with her memoir, were the foundations for the acceptance of erotic romance as mainstream literature, one of the main reasons she worked on her own book "Sugar." Just like with the adult film industry, she wanted to be part of something that changed women's sexuality. Erotic fiction is important because it is okay for women to read it, the star told Larry King. 


When it came to her family, they were supportive. Before dying of a heart attack at 70, her dad had come to terms with Jameson's stardom and was proud of her.


She initiated contact with her ex-husband, Tito Ortiz, an UFC fighter. When she stopped doing straight porn, her husband started to work with her before they eventually split up.


As a mother, she intends to tell her children what both her and her husband do for work, though she doesn't expect them to watch either one of their parents work.


The adult film star simply says that sex is natural when asked about her religious detractors. Yet when confronted with feminist theory that porn is a way to exploit women, she says that she disagrees. For Jenna Jameson, being in porn was about taking control back. However, she can't see herself doing porn again.


And what about the film Lovelace, based on porn star Linda Lovelace, or what happened to Traci Lords? She doesn't think that it happens. "It's [a way to] get acceptance," Jameson told King. "I love my sexuality. I love having sex, and there's nothing wrong with that."


When asked about dating, the star says that men find it difficult to approach her, but she just wants someone to love her. Despite what her detractors say, she says she is a very religious person that has a lot of faith. She does say that she has no regrets and that people look up to her.


"I have no regrets, really - I've made mistakes, but they've made me a better person and a better mother," Jenna says.