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Rev. Run & Justine Simmons On Run-D.M.C. Glory Days, Religion In The Modern Age & Their Growing Reality TV Empire

Larry King NowDec 11 '15

Rev. Run Simmons & his wife Justine talk their new travel show 'Rev Runs Around The World,' look back at Run-D.M.C.’s glory days, & speak to the increase in religious disaffiliation in America. Rev. also gives an update on the unsolved murder of his former bandmate Jam Master Jay.


*Posted Online on Ora.TV on Dec 11th 2015:

"Run-DMC, we went around the world.When you're an entertainer or performer, you get off the tour bus, and then when you get off the tour bus you go to the show and then you get back on the tour bus and then you leave."- Rev Run on not really being able to see the world when you're on tour

"Listen, you get to Dubai and you think you're gonna get in one of these beautiful cars and she wants to get on camels."- Rev Run on the different travel interests between he and his wife

"She got on the camel and I just chased the camel around screaming, 'HUMP DAY!'"- Rev Run on his trip to Dubai

"You turn on the cameras, it's not gonna stop the fact of what's going on in our house."- Rev Run on whether their reality show is reality

"I didn't go to become a minister.I went because, going through the industry, you don't get a chance to settle down.So when I started feeling a little empty, I started going to church and in the church they offer you jobs to do, like ushering and things like that... I went from being an usher to what they call a walking deacon."- Rev. Run

"No, I don't have a church.I find that my first pulpit was on MTV's Run's House.But, I have a license.I can marry you or bury you.Pick one."- Rev. Run

"When you're not really spiritual, you don't understand spiritual things."- Rev Run

"He meditates on the mat, I meditate in the tub."- Rev Run on brother Russell Simmons

"I also was a rapper as well."- Justine Simmons

"It is definitely a different world.But also, you can prosper because back in the day you couldn't just put a record up on YouTube and get a record deal or get sales.You couldn't tweet out.You can just wake up in the morning and you are your own record company."- Rev Run

"It's not the same business, but I will tell you this:Adele sold close to 4 million records in her first week.Somebody's buying something, somewhere."- Rev Run

"Rap music is definitely great music, and that's why it's used on every commercial you see.Everywhere you look rap music is influencing everybody and singers these days actually want rappers on their songs."- Rev Run