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Vine & YouTube Stars Zach King & King Bach On Their Viral Videos!

Larry King NowDec 16 '15

Their videos have been watched BILLIONS of times. Vine and YouTube superstars Zach King and King Bach discuss the process behind their viral videos, talk about their personal lives and reveal what it’s like to work with the likes of Ryan Seacrest and Michelle Obama.


*Posted Online on Ora.TV on Dec 16th 2015:

"I'm from Portland, Oregon and I was like, 'I want to go to film school.' I applied to Biola University and I got a rejection letter for the first year and I was really bummed, so I had nothing to do in school other than start a Youtube channel and that was the outlet of the rejection."

"Two years ago I signed up for that and started creating on there and I was like, ‘Wow.’ It's just a creative outlet and a way to express all these little short ideas I had." - on when he found discovered Vine

"The money comes from sponsorships."

"It's actually like the ideal ad now, you know. People's attention spans are really short. When you have a larger audience you can put little product placements in there, whether it's a drink or something in the scene."

"Some of it's secret, but I'll give you part of the formula. There's always a fun little splice or cut in an area you may not see in the video. So, like real magic when I'm distracting you over here, we're really doing something over here that you're not paying attention to and then there's a switch."

"I think Vine works for two reasons. One because there are shorter attention spans and the audience is so young, but it's also highly shareable. You can just watch them, consume them very quickly and share them with a friend and it's relatable. And if not, you just keep scrolling down and watch more until you find one that peaks your interest."

"I'm married. Yup. Just got married nine months ago"

"She is. She's the CFO actually." - on his wife’s involvement

"It actually is a house, so everyone's room is a different office and then the living room area, kitchen is just different sets that will one day be a bedroom set and then we'll switch it the next day and make it a living room."

"I did go to film school. I actually snuck in the second year and just had teachers sign the little 'you can take this class form' and so after four years of that, I finally got to call myself a film major."

"To make a six second video, you would be so surprised. It's not just an hour or two process. It's sometimes is weeks for one of the videos to really get it nailed. A lot of times it's, you know, writing takes a lot of time, but then we get the idea, shooting it, we'll have to film sometimes four, five different days, different times, and takes to get it right. I mean we'll do up to a hundred takes on some videos."

"When i first started, that's the hard part. Keeping the audience alive and keeping it engaged as they expect a lot of content and so right now, we're creating maybe two, three pieces a week across all our platforms. But when I first started it was everyday or multiple times a day."

"I would love to get into future films, into directing and producing."

"It's just the ADD culture of when I'm scrolling down Facebook, I watch ten videos in the morning before I even go to work and then, you know, another ten when I get to work, just because of the nature of how things are laid out and short videos."

"My favorite Vine video is how I get ready for bed and I jump on the bed and the clothes stay on the top and I just switch off the lights."

"I would love to get Whoopi Goldberg to be a voice of one of my Jedi kittens"

"I have a pilot's license, so I love flying...Real planes and I'm really into RC aircraft as well."

"I haven't heard from him. I haven't tweeted at him, but I don't know if he's the most active on his social medias."

"Rachel my wife. First girlfriend I ever had. First kiss, just two years ago. My entire life."

"I think the secret to a great vine is the story, where the whole inception starts off. Is it relatable to a lot of people and is it something that can resonate past just being a trendy funny moment, but can it live on for many years because it's a great story?"

(King Bach)

"So, I guess with having the following, a lot of people reach out to me and the first lady, she was doing a campaign to, you know, help the youth of, you know, America and they reached out because social media is such a big influence."

"I wasn't making the money that I was putting into it, you know. I went to film school and you know, I was spending anywhere from like fifteen to thirty thousand dollars on a video, just to, you know, be unique."

"In six seconds, you can tell one joke and that's it."

"I probably--maybe not. I try to stay away from politics." - on whether or not he'd make a vine about Ben Carson or Donald Trump.

“That's where we're coming to, you know? I noticed it when I was making the Vine videos and I would step outside and then someone, ''You're the one that makes those vine videos!’' and I would say, 'How would you recognize my face from such a small screen?' but you know, people feel like they know you."

"Before I started doing the videos, I studied what videos went viral online and then I tried to create those same videos in my unique way. So you know, things from robberies to fights and all of this and I would just turn those serious situations to comedic sketches and that's what people fell in love with."

"Yes, so I have a base that I go off of. How many likes per minute that it gets. So I like to get about 5,000 likes in the first minute and then that's how I know it's a good video."

"Well the name was given to me in high school actually. I was doing a history project and it was about, I think it was something overseas in England or something like that and I was the only one that came dressed. Like I'm the only one who came in a costume and the teacher was like, 'Ah look at King Bach over there.'"

"My favorite vine video to date is actually the one I sold a TV show to and it was the one-- I was playing an undercover cop in a dance group and my friends didn't know that I was a cop and I arrested him and then I revealed that I was a cop. And I actually sold a tv show to fox from that vine video."

"What makes me laugh? My vine videos. It's hilarious."

"Just Halle berry, just somewhere." - on his dream location to shoot a vine video "That's how you get your most--the most of the ideas. It's from life experiences. A lot of times I won't even, you know, come up with an idea. I'll just wait ‘til something happens in real life and I’'ll figure out a way to tell that story in six seconds."