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The creators of "Prophet's Prey" interview

Larry King NowFeb 16 '15

From the Sundance Film Festival, director Amy Berg, author Jon Krakauer & FLDS private investigator Sam Brower talk to Larry King about the Warren Jeffs story as told through the lens of their new Showtime documentary ‘Prophet's Prey.’

"I couldn't figure out how so many people could all go nuts at the same time, and it just peaked my curiosity. So I drove down to Short Creek Colorado City where they have this community, and looked him [Warren Jeffs] up. And I started digging in and finding out more and more about what was going on. I couldn't believe it, I couldn't believe that there was some place that horrible in America. It's just unbelievable, and most Americans don't have a grasp on that." --Sam Brower on when he first heard of Warren Jeffs

"It's not really about religion. This is about Warren Jeffs having an endless supply of children to have sex with. Some as young- he has raped, it's been proven that he's raped five and six year old boys and girls, he's married 12 year old girls. The film has an audiotape of Warren having sex with a 12 year old girl." --Jon Krakauer on what the film "Prey's Prophet" is about

"He requires that women take their 12 year old daughter by the hand and give them to some guy that's three or four times their age and has a dozen other wives.” – Sam Brower on Warren Jeffs

“And, mothers don't normally do that. The religion is a culture that goes back generations, and that's his hook. That's how he controls them." --Sam Brower on how Warren Jeffs controls his disciples

"The feds- the government hasn't done enough, but at least they've avoided going after them for polygamy because there's all these- it's a criminal enterprise! There's fraud, there's trafficking, there's, you know, all these things, that we don't understand why the authorities have not gone after this group more aggressively." --Jon Krakauer on the government not doing enough to monitor polygamy

"They get an incredible amount of federal money, after 9/11, because they're really good at defrauding the government. They have a seven million dollar airport built with federal funds. After 9/11, they used the Homeland Security Act to- you know, in this town it's all wired for surveillance with cameras. Everyone's phone is tapped. It's all federal money paid for Warren to keep track." --Jon Krakauer on the Warren Jeff's followers defrauding the government

"They call it 'bleeding the beast'. It's their duty- the federal government is evil, we're all evil, the LDS church is evil- so it's their duty to defraud us, to defraud the government." --Jon Krakauer on Warren Jeff's followers' hatred towards the government

"I think he's crazy. He's a pure narcissist, he's a sociopath. Most of the time he beleives his own BS. The rest of the time- on occasions, he has lucid moments where he's- in fact it's in the film where he says 'I'm not the prophet, I never was the prophet.' And so, you know, he is one of those truly insane people, criminally insane people, that kind vacillates and walks that tight rope between genius and insanity all the time." --Sam Brower on if he thinks Warren Jeffs believes what he's preaching

“The lying is in the service of their faith. I mean it’s like you’re allowed to lie to your enemies. It’s all for the greater good. These are true believers. And there’s a lot of good people in the FLDS faith. They have incredible work ethic. They’re the victims; they’re the primary victims. We gotta remember that. We’re trying to help.” --Jon Krakauer on the people of the LDS faith,

“That’s what it’s all about with him is power and control. So once his father died, marrying his father’s wives was a way of showing his power. He had something like 20 wives, I think suddenly now it’s moved up to something like 50. And many of them are very very young and that’s a public display of his power and authority over people.” --Sam Brower on Warren Jeffs marrying his step-mothers

“The Mormon church is young so it’s fascinating to see how it evolved. But the church now is so different; it’s a completely different organization. It still has its’ roots and the FLDS exploits that.” --Jon Krakauer on the Mormon Church,

“It’s like for them the outside world -- they’ve been preached that it’s evil and so it’s scary. Generations and generations they’ve lived like this and they don’t know how to function. There’s a lot of people out there that left and they’re not doing well and they come back because they don’t know how to function in our world.” –Jon Krakauer on those in the FLDS faith that try to escape

“They drive them 5 miles out of town in the desert and leave them there… (Age) 13, 12, 16, 18, young. A lot of them end up – it’s 3 hours from Las Vegas – a lot of them hitch hike to Las Vegas become child prostitutes, drug addicts.” --Jon Krakauer on the fate of many of the boys in the FLDS church