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Charlie Puth On New Music, Friendship With Meghan Trainor & His Dream Collaboration

Larry King NowJan 27 '16

Grammy nominee Charlie Puth gets candid with Larry King about his relationship with Meghan Trainor, his experiences with bullying & his dream collaboration. Plus, Charlie previews his highly anticipated new album 'Nine Track Mind'!


*Posted Online on Ora.TV on Jan 27th 2016:

“I wrote it…even though I didn’t know Paul Walker, but I channeled the energy— I lost my best friend in a car accident, so I knew what it felt like. It happened two years prior to when I wrote it.”

- Charlie Puth on writing the hit ‘See You Again’ dedicated to Paul Walker.

“I would love to work with Ariana Grande, like someone with like insane—anyone with insane vocal range like that.” - Charlie Puth on who he would like to work with.

“I know a girl who sends me energy. Listen. I’m telling you. She texts me energy or I’ll call her upand be like, ‘Yo Colette. I need some good energy,’ because I don’t want to be like taking drugs and stuff like that.” - Charlie Puth on how he deals with stage fright.

“I still feel like the same Charlie and I’ll never feel like—the moment I start to feel cocky, the music goes down. My ego might go up, but my ego goes down” - Charlie Puth on how he’s handling success.

“Yes and before that I went to Manhattan school of music. Pre-college because, again, I was bullied, so I wanted to stay out of my town as much as possible so I would go to Harlem every Saturday and learn classical piano.” - Charlie Puth on his experience attending music schools.

“I would love to design a sneaker. I’m like obsessed with designing urban sneakers.” - Charlie Puth on what he would like to do if he did not have a singing career.

“Writing the number one song in the world.” - Charlie Puth on his number one accomplishment.