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Lance Bass on homophobia in music

Larry King NowOct 10 '16

Lance Bass says homophobia is alive and well in the music industry, arguing that gay artists – like Adam Lambert – don’t get the investment from labels that straight artists do. And though he’d love to make a country album, Lance says radio stations won’t play his music because he’s gay.

Larry King: You said recently that the music industry is still very homophobic.

Lance Bass: Definitely. I mean, it’s uh… If you’re in this business, especially music, you see how uh, backwards…

Larry King: And yet we have some amazing gay artists.

Lance Bass: That’s true, finally we do, and you get some support. And then there’s amazing gay artists that just don’t get the support.

Larry King: Because they’re gay?

Lance Bass: Because they’re gay. It’s because um, you know, bottom line is what the record labels look at. They just want to make money. And if this artist isn’t going to pull in this many fans because they’re gay, they’re not going to support them as much. And I see that with so many people. I mean, Adam Lambert’s a great example of that. He’s so freaking talented and could be pushed so much harder but I think just because he’s gay the record label doesn’t put him out there as much.

Larry King: @DieQualDerWahl tweets, as a Garth Brooks fan and country fan, would you ever do a country song or album?

Lance Bass: I would love to do a country song or album. Uh that’s one of those things where being gay hurts in the music industry.

Larry King: Especially country?

Lance Bass: Country. You know, they’re…

Larry King: Are they the last bastion?

Lance Bass: They are, they are. And you know it’s still homophobic. Radio is very homophobic in the country market?

Larry King: Really?

Lance Bass: Yeah. So if they know you’re gay they’re not going to give you a spin.

Larry King: Do we have any gay radio?

Lance Bass: I mean, Shelley Wright is doing it. I don’t know if they’re still playing her. But you know it’s a tough market to break in. You know, I grew up wanting to be a country singer. So the fact that I know that I’ll never be able to really do it because I’m gay is really sad.

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