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Rebecca Hall on 'Great British Bake Off' controversy

Larry King NowOct 14 '16

Acclaimed British actress Rebecca Hall gives her take on the controversy surrounding the UK's hugely popular reality TV competition 'The Great British Bake Off'. The show, of course, recently announced it would cut ties with it's longtime network home at the BBC and move to Channel 4, leaving behind it's famed host Mary Berry.

Larry King: Given your British roots, do you watch The Great British Bake Off? I've interviewed her. She's an amazing woman.

Rebecca Hall: Mary Berry?

Larry King: Yeah.

Rebecca Hall: You have?

Larry King: Oh, and it was-

Rebecca Hall: I'm heartbroken about her. Heartbroken.

Larry King: She doesn't want to go to Channel Four.

Rebecca Hall: I know.

Larry King: It's moving from BBC to Channel Four.

Rebecca Hall: I know all about this. I forced, I'm married to an American and I forced him to watch the Bake Off as an example, to try to explain to him some of the more, I guess, the kind of, you know, charmingly twee side of British culture. And like to explain to him what bunting and cake and scones and biscuits was-

Larry King: That's their biggest show.

Rebecca Hall: And he became obsessed with it. So we're both avid watchers of Bake Off.

Larry King: So Channel Four took the show, right?

Rebecca Hall: I know. I don't really know. Without Mel and Sue, as well. No Mel and Sue, no Mary Berry. I'm not really sure-

Larry King: So how's it going to work without them?

Rebecca Hall: Frankly I'm, I'm at a loss. I don't know how you can replace Mary Berry with anyone. Unless it's Judi Dench or the Queen, maybe. That's my top picks.

Larry King: She's quite a lady. I had fun with her.

Rebecca Hall: She's great.

Larry King: Hard to believe.