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Chris Kattan details his 'SNL' audition

Larry King NowOct 26 '16

Comedian Chris Kattan looks back on the audition that secured him alongstanding spot on 'SNL,' revealing to Larry what he did to impress the show's famed creator Lorne Michaels.

Larry King: What was your audition for Lorne, Mr. Lorne Michaels like?

Chris Kattan: It was um, first it was a sit down with him, Steve Higgins, where he didn’t speak to me. He just, Steve Higgins did. He kind of, Lorne just rolled a pencil and kind of looked over my shoulder. Which is very nerve wracking.

Larry King: A little indtimidating.

Chris Kattan: What… it was intimidating. Which kind of made me seek his approval for the rest of my life.

Larry King: So what did he ask you to do? You have to do a scene?

Chris Kattan: No, no. That was a sit down. And then the audition was in Studio 8H, which was on the ‘good night’ stage and I saw nothing but black but, dark. And Lorne was sitting there with a camera, you know, next to the camera.

Larry King: What did you do?

Chris Kattan: I did three characters and an impression, and the impression was Christian Slater. My characters were Mr. Peepers, which is the monkey guy that spits apples and humps faces. And uh, difficult to write. And then I did this guy that humps a couch. I’m sorry, when I talk about it, it sounds terrible. I don’t know why with the humping. But then I did a character called Sule Forrester that was a gibberish guy, and he was a substitute teacher. And that was…

Larry King: Substitute teacher.

Chris Kattan: That was my first in. I submitted that sketch to the read-through. Nobody laughed, because I came in like six weeks prior to the end of the season. People were like, ‘why is he here?’ So it was an odd time to join, and that sketch made it into the show, and the first sketch of the night, which is very rare for that to happen. Especially as a featured player. But I was a, it was based on a school teacher whose a math teacher and he spoke gibberish. He couldn’t, you couldn’t understand what he said. It was like [speaks gibberish]. Lorne liked that, and it’s kind of an old joke

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