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Cassandra 'Elvira' Peterson's favorite horror villain

Larry King NowOct 28 '16

Cassandra Peterson, the woman behind famed Halloween character 'Elvira,' talks favorite horror films and villains with Larry!

Larry King: Favorite horror movie of all time?

Cassandra Peterson: I'm gonna go with House On Haunted Hills from the '50s. It starred Vincent Price and it was the movie that as a child got me into liking horror.

Larry King: Favorite villain?

Cassandra Peterson: Vincent Price, hands down. He was the best.

Larry King: Oh, I love him. I interviewed him twice.

Cassandra Peterson: Wasn't he brilliant and funny?

Larry King: Any favorite contemporary horror movie?

Cassandra Peterson: Favorite contemporary horror movie... I, I have a harder time with contemporary horror movies because of all the blood and guts and the realism. The-

Larry King: How about the zombie television?

Cassandra Peterson: That, that I love. I'm a giant Walking Dead fan. There's a lot of blood and guts in that. But somehow, maybe the small screen makes it a little more palatable.

Larry King: If Elvira could marry another famous horror character, who would she marry?

Cassandra Peterson: Well, that would be Vincent Price again. I know he's not around but I would still marry him.