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Iliza explains girl logic to Larry King

Larry King NowOct 29 '16

Stand-up comedian Iliza explains “girl logic” to Larry King, and why women are forced to care so much what others think of them.

Iliza Shlesinger: Girl logic is anytime you open your mouth thinking, "Oh my gosh. Is this gonna be misconstrued? Am I gonna come off as a bitch? Was I too sheepish? Was I too quiet? Was that loud enough? Did I say what I wanted?" And it's about self questioning.It's about questioning yourself but it's also about taking into account how you're being perceived by so many people. Versus men, who are just like, "I did what I did. Goodbye."

Larry King: Why do girls care so much about what people think?
Iliza Shlesinger: Women care so much what people think because we're forced to. Women care so much what people think because men's opinions of women dictate the course of their lives in many cases. Donald Trump tried to have Nancy O'Dell fired, you know, because he didn't like that she denied him. That's one example. I had a guy hit on me once and I wasn't into him, so he told everyone I slept with him. If a man doesn't like your attitude, maybe you don't get that raise. If a girl thinks you're a bitch then you get shut out of the circle. So, we care what people think because it's been forced on us for so long.