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Iliza on sexual assault and Donald Trump

Larry King NowOct 29 '16

Stand-up comedian Iliza explains why she tackles sexual assault in her Netflix special, ‘Confirmed Kills,’ and why the lewd comments Donald Trump made to Billy Bush about women don’t bother her in an absolute sense, but because he’s running for president.

Larry King: I think it's safe to say that not many comics talk about sexual assault in their acts. You do. Why?

Iliza Shlesinger: I think a lot do. Oh, ok, sexual assault, right. I thought you meant 'cause they do it. I, well I felt for this special, I felt it incumbent upon me to bring up something important and be a voice for women without bashing men. And I wanted women to feel, "Hey, somebody with a voice understands what you go through." Everything from a cat call to feeling less than. And so, I wanted girls to understand that I was with them. And so that's why I talked about it.
Larry King: Donald Trump is being accused of what he said on the bus as sexual assault. Is there such a thing as verbal sexual assault?
Iliza Shlesinger: 100%. Now, he didn't physically assault her, that we saw. I mean, I don't, whatever, he didn't. It's verbal. He's like, "It's locker room talk." I'm actually, I'm gonna go on record saying this, I don't mind men saying disgusting things with other men. But if you plan on being president, you should plan on it for your whole life. And it's an entire, your whole life you should be acting accordingly. And there's a lot of sacrifices you make. So, I think they put Billy Bush through the fire for no reason. But Donald Trump should burn in Hell for all eternity for several other things. Hopefully this comes out before the election.
Larry King: Billy Bush you don't blame. Just being a young kid.
Iliza Shlesinger: He was just talking to a huge celebrity. And to sit here and act as if men don't say those kind of it right? No, but you gotta get your rocks off.