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Rapper T.I. Shares His Thoughts On Gun Control

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Dan Bilzerian on gun control

Larry King NowOct 05 '16

Defending his love of guns, “King of Instagram” Dan Bilzerian concedes that he supports background checks but argues that ultimately more people die from drunk driving than by gunfire.

Larry King: Why do you like guns so much?

Dan Bilzerian: Um, I dunno. I’ve just had ‘em since I was like six years old.

Larry King: What do you make of all the discussion about guns and we are a gun happy country and people killing people?

Dan Bilzerian: Well people are killing people all over the place, right? I mean, wasn’t there just some guy who like ran into a bunch of people with a bus in Paris? And I mean there’s bombings and people killing people with knives, and I mean, people are dying all the time. I mean, you know, it’s like…

Larry King: Do you favor any aspect of gun control? Do you favor background checks?

Dan Bilzerian: Yeah, I mean I think there should be background checks, you know, there’s enough stupid people in the world who definitely need to have some kind of precautionary measures but I mean, there’s more people that die you know from drunk driving and stuff like that.

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