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If You Only Knew: Dan Bilzerian

Larry King NowOct 05 '16

Social media superstar Dan Bilzerian talks Emily Ratajkowski, regret, and the last time he cried in our game of ‘If You Only Knew.’

Larry King: We’re going to play a little game of ‘If You Only Knew.’ I just throw some questions at you.

Dan Bilzerian: K.

Larry King: I don’t think you’ll have a problem with it.

Dan Bilzerian: Yeah, go ahead.

Larry King: Childhood celebrity crush?

Dan Bilzerian: Probably Pamela Anderson.

Larry King: Current celebrity crush?

Dan Bilzerian: I don’t know, uh, who are hot chicks? That um, Emily Ratajkowski chick’s pretty hot.

Larry King: Do you have any role models or mentors?

Dan Bilzerian: There’s definitely a lot of people I look up to.

Larry King: Is Hugh Hefner a hero to you?

Dan Bilzerian: You know I definitely have a lot of respect for the guy. Um, I mean yeah, he’s kind of iconic. As a kid I always looked up to him.

Larry King: What’s your guilty pleasure?

Dan Bilzerian: Ha.

Larry King: With you, what could be…

Dan Bilzerian: I don’t really feel a lot of guilt. I have a lot of pleasures.

Larry King: You don’t have guilt about anything, do you?

Dan Bilzerian: I mean no, I definitely do. I just, uh.

Larry King: Are there days where you say, ‘why did I do that?’

Dan Bilzerian: Yeah. Yeah there are. A lot of days.

Larry King: What do you think people get wrong about you?

Dan Bilzerian: I think a lot of people think that I’m just fucked up all the time, I’m drinking all the time, or…

Larry King: Do you drink a lot?

Dan Bilzerian: No, no I really don’t. No, no I actually don’t drink too much at all. Um you know it’s just for me…

Larry King: You got too much to pay attention to?

Dan Bilzerian: Well, I always like, for me I always went out to get laid, you know? And so like a lot of guys when they go out they need to drink so that they’re more relaxed and they can pick up chicks but I just got to a point where I just didn’t really have to work at all.

Larry King: How many times do you think you’ve had sex at age 35?

Dan Bilzerian: I mean, thousands of times, you know?

Larry King: What are you embarrassed to admit you watch or enjoy?

Dan Bilzerian: I’m just, I’m not really too embarrassed of much. I just always put my cards on the table and just accept me for who I am type of guy.

Larry King: Do you have a secret talent?

Dan Bilzerian: Not that I can think of. I mean, most of my stuff’s pretty wide open.

Larry King: When was the last time you cried?

Dan Bilzerian: My dad got into a motorcycle accident and I remember crying then.

Larry King: If you could have a superpower what would it be?

Dan Bilzerian: I guess probably immortality, maybe?

Larry King: Yeah, that’s not bad. Biggest risk you’ve ever taken?

Dan Bilzerian: I guess there’s been multiple times where I just like, put all my money on the table, and gambled with like every dollar I had.

Larry King: Do you act the same whether you win or lose?

Dan Bilzerian: No, absolutely not.

Larry King: You smile when you win and you look sad when you lose?

Dan Bilzerian: I actually don’t really get that happy when I win but I get super fucking pissed off when I lose. Like even when it’s, it’s the weirdest thing. Sometimes I’ve gotten more irritated over losing 5 or $10,000 than when I’ve lost like, $500,000.

Larry King: You’re a bad loser?

Dan Bilzerian: A horrible loser.

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