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How Jill Soloway breaks down hierarchy on set at 'Transparent'

Larry King NowOct 07 '16

'Transparent' star Kathryn Hahn reveals to Larry the unique on-set exercise Emmy-winning director Jill Soloway uses to make all levels of the Amazon show's cast and crew feel welcomed and comfortable.

Larry King: What makes Jill Soloway special?

Kathryn Hahn: I mean, there's so many things. I feel like she's like, you know I think there is, I think it was Jack Johnson- was it Jack Johnson? There was some musician I remember that wrote a song that says "I'm gonna live the life I'm singing about in my song." I feel like she's like, she's doing that. You know, she just, she really, um, I just, I just feel that her, she's an incredibly authentic person. That is, just wants to tell stories and change people through those stories.
LarryKing: What does she, what does she do with the box? Everybody has to stand up, what is that?
Kathryn Hahn: That happened, that started Season Two, like there is- she started taking an apple box, and we would just like put it in the middle of, whoever was available in the morning before we started shooting, like just puts it, everyone just kind of stands around this apple box. Like crew and cast, whoever's available. And one person is tapped, whether it's crew or cast, to stand in the box and just uses it as like a platform. So it could be like a song, or it could be like a funny thing that happened, or it could be something incredibly moving. It usually ends up being something incredibly moving, just 'cause it's like emotion city over there. But-
Larry King: And the purpose is?
Kathryn Hahn: The purpose is I think like, to, as like, it just creates a democracy. Like it just, it just, the, like the old hierarchy of just like director, cast, crew, is just like--you know? It's like, well if we're going to be emotionally naked we might as well all be emotionally naked.