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J.B. Smoove is obsessed with his RV

Larry King NowNov 11 '16

Comedian J.B. Smoove gushes over his 38-foot RV, explaining that it’s all part of his preparation for the zombie apocalypse.

Larry King: @RBrat10 wants me to ask you about your RV.

JB Smoove: Oh. My RV is fabulous, man. A lot of people don't know that I am an RV enthusiast, you know?
Larry King: You live in your RV?
JBSmoove: Oh. If I could. Larry, it's gonna come a day, I'm telling you,I'm preparing for the zombie apocalypse. When that zombie apocalypsehappens, I'm gonna get in that RV, and I'mma haul ass.
Larry King: Well what do you use it for now if you, you live in a house, right?
JBSmoove: Right now, I just go to the beach, I invite friends out. I havethese, I have these networking kind of RV parties, where everyonebrings a piece of meat, or they bring some wine, or they bring somesnacks, and I just barbecue.
Larry King: You have a big RV?
JB Smoove: I have a big-ass 38-foot RV. Five TVs, Larry. A bathroom, a full kitchen, full grill.
Larry King: Do you ever go just you, your wife, and your daughter?
JB Smoove: Sometimes. You know, my daughter lives in New York.
Larry King: Oh.
JBSmoove: But, my wife and I, sometimes we just go down to Palm Springs,or ride through Vegas. We'll bring two or three friends-
Larry King: You bring the RV to Vegas?
JB Smoove: Yes, there's an RV resort in Vegas that's fabulous.
Larry King: Really?
JBSmoove: Larry, any time you, any, I'm gonna put it out there. Anytimeyou want to go RVing, I'll take you out. I'll take you out, Larry. I'lllet you drive. I'll let you drive, too. For a mile or two. Then I'lltell you to pull over. Don't want you to tear my shit up.