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J.B. Smoove on Kevin Hart’s success

Larry King NowNov 11 '16

J.B. Smoove – who stars with Kevin Hart on BET’s ‘Real Husbands of Hollywood’ and has known the comic for years – says that key to Hart’s success is the fact that he never stops learning.

Larry King: Now Kevin Hart is this, he has skyrocketed to fame.

JB Smoove: Oh my god.
Larry King: Someone told me the only, the other day, he is the only name today that in movies is automatic box office.
JB Smoove: He is.
Larry King: If Kevin Hart's in a movie, it'll make money.
JBSmoove: It'll make money. Everyone has their moments in this thing thatwe do. Everyone has their moment. And when the light is shining on you,you have to allow that light to shine. You gotta, like we talked aboutearlier, you find out what they love about you, and you keep giving itto them over and over again. Like a good golf swing.
Larry King: What is Kevin Hart's gift?
JBSmoove: I think his gift is he works hard. He's a hard worker, and he'snot afraid to learn. I've known Kevin a long time. I've known Kevinwhen he was in Philadelphia. Just coming to the comedy shows, watchingcomedians, listening to comedians, talking to comedians. Like a sponge.He absorbed all that stuff, you know?