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J.B Smoove on the return of ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’

Larry King NowNov 11 '16

J.B. Smoove – who plays the hilarious Leon Black on ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ – shares the very public way Larry David broke the news to J.B. that the show was returning, and what’s in store for the long-awaited ninth season.

Larry King: I hear Curb Your Enthusiasm is finally coming back.Does that mean Leon Black will be coming back? Come on, let me know.

JBSmoove: Leon Black will be back. I love, but Larry kind of fooled,Larry fooled me. You know, Larry came for my 50th birthday party. Which Iwill say, if you didn't know -- you didn't get invited -- but, they saymy party set the bar. Larry showed up to my party. He came early. Whiteman early. He says I came late to my own party. But I was upstairs inthe hotel room waiting to come down, because my party planner said "Hey,come down when I tell you to. When the room-"
Larry King: Make an entrance.
JBSmoove: I tried to explain this to Larry several times. Larry, I mean,he confronted me when I came in the party. He walks up to me like, "Hey,where you been at?" Larry... who has a birthday party, if you're theonly one standing at your birthday party, with a cup of champagne,you're the only one waiting for people to show up? That's depressing.That's depressing, Larry. I walked in the front door. Larry, he followsme to the stage. I'm making my grand entrance. I'm on stage, he's on mycoattails. He says, "Hey, where you been at?" Man, look. My partyplanner told me to come, you know. We go at it for 10 minutes on stageback and forth, people are loving it. He walks offstage. I say, "Larry, Ican't let you leave this stage without my people -- my friends, myfamily, all my associates are here tonightto celebrate my birthday party -- but I'm asking you, we all want toknow. Is Curb Your Enthusiasm coming back, Larry David? And Larry said,"Yes." It got quiet. "Yes, it's coming back, everybody. But sadly, JB,you get killed off in the second episode." That's what he says. Crowdwent crazy and Larry leaves and goes away, off to have a cocktail.
Larry King: So what is the truth? What is happening?
JBSmoove: It's coming back. I don't know what is going on. Let me tellyou about Larry. Another Larry. I don't know if you do the same thing,or if it's a Larry thing or not, but Larry never gives me any details. Idon't know what's going on. You know what I mean?
Larry King: But you don't think you're gonna be killed. Nobody gets killed on that show.
JBSmoove: Who knows. I might get killed and I might be a ghost the restof the season. I don't know! And I'd make a hell of a ghost, you hearme? I'mma haunt your ass.
Larry King: You like doing that show? They don't give you a script, right? You get an outline and you do it.
JB Smoove: There is no script, Larry. It's like walking on a tightrope with no net.
Larry King: But your character's phenomenal.
JB Smoove: Oh, I appreciate that love man.
Larry King: You love him?
JBSmoove: I love, let me tell you something, I love that guy. It's, it's,it's an amazing blessing to get on a show that you loved. And then theuniverse, the stars, or timing, whatever. However the world works, putsyou in a position, where you are allowed to do what you love to do.
Larry King: How do you not break up?
JBSmoove: You know, I'm committed. Now, Larry breaks up. Imagine acomedian on stage and he just constantly laughs before he finishes anyof his jokes. I'm disciplined. Let me tell you something, here's myphilosophy. When I'm, when I'm preforming with Larry, or anybody, I'mthinking like a standup. When I'm on stage, I got bad intentions forpeople in the audience. I want to crack a rib. I want to have you spityour drink out. My thing with Larry is I'm trying to make, I'm trying tomake snot come out his nose. You know what I mean? Now that is how atrue comic thinks.