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Jeezy on Obama & race relations in America

Larry King NowNov 14 '16

Maintaining that President Obama did as much as was possible during his presidency, Jeezy says that race relations have taken several steps backward in America.

Larry King: You performed at the inauguration of President Obama in 2009.

Jeezy: Right.

Larry King: So what do you make of him nearly eight years later?

Jeezy: I think he did as much as he could do.

Larry King: He’s more popular than ever.

Jeezy: Right. I think he was a class act. As much as he could fix, he tried. I give him an A for effort.

Larry King: Do you think in the area of race relations, we’ve come a long way or not?

Jeezy: No I think we took a lot of steps backwards. I think with him getting into office it just, it put things in a different space. You know you can really tell when you’re out. You feel it.

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