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Brandi Chastain on equal pay in women's sports

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Diana Nyad on the pay gap in professional sports

Larry King NowNov 18 '16

Diana Nyad discusses the gender pay gap in professional sports, arguing for equal pay in sports like tennis, but not basketball.

Larry King: Equal pay for equal opportunity. It's not in sports yet.

Diana Nyad: It's not in anything yet. Is it? I mean, I think we're fighting all over in every profession.
Larry King: There's only one area of profession where women make more.
Diana Nyad: Which is it?
Larry King: Modeling.
Diana Nyad: Modeling? Well they should. If they gotta, you know, Ginger Rogers said it best, if they gotta walk around in those heels all day, they should make more than the men. Yeah. But in sports particularly it's the last bastion. Well, you could say the military, you know? But it's the last bastion.
Larry King: But you could say, the WNBA doesn't pay near what the NBA does. But the crowds are much smaller.
Diana Nyad: They're much smaller. You know, I wouldn't fight for equal pay yet in the WNBA. In tennis I would. Serena Williams has proven it. She can draw just as many people as Djokovic to those. So, you know they've come up to that stage. The WNBA players are wonderfully talented, and what I love is to see the men. Magic Johnson and, you know, all these great male athletes, they say "You watch those WNBA players. They'll blow your mind." But it took the WNBA a long time to get where it is. When we're sitting around around, you know, 30 years from now-
Larry King: You'll be in the NBA. Male swimmers, are they, do they get more attention than female swimmers?
Diana Nyad: I wouldn't say so. I mean, Michael Phelps was a case unto his own. But let's say he hadn't been in these Olympics, I think Katie Ledecky would have been the star more than anybody else.