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Diana Nyad’s description of swimming at night is terrifying

Larry King NowNov 18 '16

Sharks and jellyfish and sensory deprivation, oh my! Legendary long-distance swimmer Diana Nyad shares in harrowing detail the frightening reality of swimming from Cuba to Florida – without a shark tank – in the dead of night.

Larry King: What is it like to swim all night?
Diana Nyad: The nights are tough because the jellyfish are out. You don't know where the sharks are, and they know where you are. You're also in a state of true sensory deprivation. I'm singing Neil Young, I'm seeing the Taj Mahal over here, I've got the yellow brick road.
Larry King: What about food? Nourishment?
Diana Nyad: Well, you're, you know, you get to the boat every 90 minutes. You hear a whistle from your handler, you get over there, you take a tube, you take down electrolyte drink. You're trying to replenish. You can never make up for what you're losing, but-
Larry King: You can't chew anything?
Diana Nyad: Well, you try. But then the mouth gets- you get peanut butter sandwiches- but then the mouth gets chopped up with all the salt exposure.
Larry King: Swimming holding a peanut butter sandwich?
Diana Nyad: You tread water for a second, you take it in, and then you swim.