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Larry steps in the ring with Sergey Kovalev’s trainer

Larry King NowNov 02 '16

In this special bonus clip, shot during Larry’s visit to Russian boxing champion Sergey Kovalev’s training facility, The King jumps in the ring with Kovalev’s trainer, former American boxing champ John David Jackson, to learn how he is prepping "Krusher" for the upcoming Kovalev vs. Ward bout in Las Vegas.

Larry King hops in the ring with John David Jackson, trainer for light heavyweight champion boxer Sergey Kovalev. Jackson has been working with Kovalev since 2012, and he relives the events that brought the two together.

World-class boxing trainer John David Jackson then gives Larry his own personal history as a boxer, and how he made the transition into training. He speaks to the importance of humility in good trainers, as well as the ability to do what’s right for the fighter. He also reflects upon the history of training, from some of the greats who never fought themselves, to the new improvements that have been made in techniques over time.

Larry King talks with boxing trainer John David Jackson about Sergey Kovalev, the boxer he has been working with for four years. Jackson illuminates upon some of the qualities that have made Kovalev such a successful boxer, including his work ethic and his technical skills. He also acknowledges Kovalev’s upcoming match against Andre Ward, and why Kovalev is considered the underdog.

Finally, John David Jackson teaches Larry King some fundamentals in the sport of boxing, and the two briefly spar in the ring.