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Why Thomas Lennon might never escape Lt. Jim Dangle

Larry King NowNov 21 '16

Despite a long resume of acting, writing, and producing gigs, Thomas Lennon knows he might forever be best known as short-shorts wearing ‘Reno 911’ Lieutenant Jim Dangle, not least of which because the Halloween costume won’t seem to die.

Larry King: Lt. Dangle follow you? Is he following you the rest of your life?

Tom Lennon: I think it is the character I can never step out of the shadow of.

Larry King: Why is that?

Tom Lennon: For one very obvious reason it’s just a very, very popular Halloween costume. Which, in many ways is the best, the real honor that I take away from this, is that people love to dress up as him for Halloween. But it did strike a chord. And it struck a chord with gay fans and straight fans, and something about his sexual ambiguity, and just the outfit. I always felt when I played the character that it’s- all I’m doing is trying to act as much like Steve McQueen as possible. I’m trying to be just the toughest, baddest mofo I can be. But then the shorts, which is generally my theory to everything, I’m trying – I’m always trying to act as deadly serious as possible. But then, I can’t help but be a silly person.

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