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How ‘Hamilton’ changed Nicole Scherzinger’s life

Larry King NowNov 23 '16

Is there anything Lin-Manuel Miranda can’t do? Nicole Scherzinger gushes over the ‘Hamilton’ creator, and how his groundbreaking musical inspired her to chart a new path in her career.

Larry King: Lin-Manuel Miranda who wrote “Hamilton” wrote some songs for this, correct?

Nicole Scherzinger: Yes.

Larry King: Did you meet him?

Nicole Scherzinger: Yes, I met Lin when I was gently stalking him at “Hamilton” the third time that I saw it, and I got to see him last night at the premiere in Hollywood. So, I’m trying to muster up the courage to say ‘we’re going to work together again someday. I’ve got an idea in my head.’ But I know that Disney has him on lockdown and he’s doing a couple of other projects with them I believe. They’re really smart, I think they got him even before “Hamilton” came out, so…

Larry King: Did you understand “Hamilton”?

Nicole Scherzinger: Yeah, I think that it’s a lot to take in for your first time-

Larry King: Yeah.

Nicole Scherzinger: -so you’ve got to see it a few times. It’s wonderful because everytime you go back you discover something new and fall in love with it all over again. I mean, for me “Hamilton” completely changed the face of musical theatre. It rearranged the DNA of musical theatre. I mean, the first five minutes after watching it I thought to myself, ‘what am I doing with my life? This isn’t supposed to make sense. Everybody’s multi-racial and this cast is about the fore-founders of America, and they’re rapping it?’ And I thought, ‘anything is really possible if you put your mind to it and you can envision it and imagine it.’ So he had, obviously, this thing inside of him that he was supposed to create and it’s really inspired me for where I want to go now on this next chapter of my life.

Larry King: Really? It had quite an effect on you?

Nicole Scherzinger: Absolutely. I’m working on a project right now and that inspired me, it inspired me so much. I feel like musical theatre- you know, Lin changed the face of it, but I feel like we could be doing so much more for musical theatre. Like, be heading in that direction, we should have been doing that. So, I know it took him all over 12 years to create that, and it’s a masterpiece.

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