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Nicole Scherzinger on Disney getting it right in ‘Moana’

Larry King NowNov 23 '16

Nicole Scherzinger reflects on her personal connection with ‘Moana’ – in which she plays the title character’s mother – and explains how the Disney animated feature got its portrayal of Pacific Islanders right.

Larry King: Is it good to see Disney exploring a culture that isn’t white?

Nicole Scherzinger: Yes.

Larry King: Disney has been accused of being…

Nicole Scherzinger: It is.

Larry King: … Lilly white.

Nicole Scherzinger: It is. You know, when “Lilo & Stitch” came out we were so excited and then my family didn’t feel like it really represented our people and our culture well. So when I auditioned to be a part of this and I got the role and I really saw the research and the history that they’d been doing and that they’d been working on this for years it brought tears to my eyes. When I watched just a little bit of the scratch version I was like, ‘that’s where I come from.’ And her grandmother looks like my grandmother, and has the same sense of humor. And there’s a real story, real legends from where our people come from. Yeah, I’m moved by it, you know because when you think of Disney it’s so commercialized and all around the world and to think, ‘wow, you know, our culture’s nothing to be ashamed of.’ Our people, it’s beautiful and you get to educated people in that.

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