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Moby’s dream collaboration? Prince.

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Nicole Scherzinger remembers her friend Prince

Larry King NowNov 23 '16

Nicole Scherzinger says Prince was like a brother to her, and describes the late night phone calls on which the late, great singer would challenge her to push for more in her life and career.

Larry King: Chris Temple Ball wants to know, can you share a special memory of your friendship with Prince?

Nicole Scherzinger: Prince was really special. Those of us who knew him well and close, it was like his job to really lift us up and try to make us our best selves, so he would always tell me, ‘I see the royalty in you.’ And then he would say, ‘what are you doing with your life? What legacy are you leaving behind?’ And he challenged me no matter how hard I was working. But he uh- I think it’s those late night calls where he was trying to challenge me and, kind of like the “Moana” story, ‘Who are you? What is this story? What are you here for? What legacy are you leaving behind?’

Larry King: He was some guy. I enjoyed him.

Nicole Scherzinger: He was like, one of the most-

Larry King: Loved interviewing him. Very honest.

Nicole Scherzinger: He was and he was just, I think a lot of people only know him for his music but if you know him as a person he just changed, at least he changed my life in every aspect. He really mentored me, was truly like a brother to me. And was there for me always. He was the most selfless, giving person.

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