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New podcast raises awareness of wrongful conviction

Larry King NowNov 25 '16

“Wrongful Conviction” podcast highlights stories of men and women convicted of crimes they didn’t commit.

Shawn King: Now you have a new podcast series called “Wrongful Conviction.”

Jason Flom: I do.

Shawn King: You’re donating a dollar for every download, is that right?

Jason Flom: Yes, I’m um- this has been my calling in life for the past 25 years. Reforming the criminal justice system has been just… I’m obsessed with this. And so I’ve been working- I serve as a founding board member at the Innocence Project. And their work is so important, so meaningful. Because what they’re doing, what we’re doing, is taking people who are trapped in this nightmare of being incarcerated for something that you didn’t do. They didn’t do it. And with DNA we’re able to prove scientifically without any doubt that they’re innocent or guilty. You know, obviously the innocent ones are the ones we’re here to talk about. And so, the podcast was a logical extension of that work. What I want to do is I want to help them share their stories and raise awareness among people who are, let’s face it, everyone who is listening to this show now, everyone who’s listening to my podcast “Wrongful Conviction” is a potential juror. And my hope is that those people will become more informed and more skeptical so when they serve on a jury and someone’s life is in their hands, they’ll be able to take a look at what they’re being shown as proof positive, and realize that there’s human error. There’s also deliberate error. There’s deliberate frame jobs happening all the time. And so it’s critical that this word be spread and that lives ultimately will be saved.