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Tippi Hedren: Melanie Griffith is an "amazing woman"

Larry King NowNov 28 '16

'The Birds' actress Tippi Hedren talks her daughter Melanie Griffith's rise to Hollywood success and how proud she is of all that Griffith has accomplished professionally and personally.

Larry King: Did you want Melanie to enter the business?

Tippi Hedren: I wanted Melanie to be a happy woman. I wanted her to make her own choices and I think I gave her the same kind of morals and the intent on honesty and caring about people and – which is what my parents did with my sister and me, Patty.

Larry King: What made it for her? What was her break, Melanie Griffith? She had that great film with Harrison Ford.

Tippi Hedren: Yes she did, and that was really awesome. I hadn’t even introduced her to anybody. She knew… She had been on the Hitchcock sets a couple of times but there was no, I didn’t…

Larry King: You didn’t push her.

Tippi Hedren: Not at all. Not at all. And she went to an interview with a girlfriend of hers. The girlfriend was an actress and she was being interviewed for a movie and they said, ‘well you’re a little too old for this role but you, Melanie, are perfect for it.’

Larry King: Wow.

Tippi Hedren: So Melanie came home and said, ‘mom, I’m going to do a movie.’ I said, ‘what!?’ And I think it was “Night Moves,” I think so.

Larry King: Wow.

Tippi Hedren: Yeah. Yeah, and that started her off and she’s never stopped.

Larry King: Now, Melanie’s husband was who?

Tippi Hedren: Steven Bauer, and that’s where I acquired my wonderful grandson Alexander. And then Don Johnson where we of course, the great Dakota Johnson. And-

Larry King: Antonio Banderas.

Tippi Hedren: Antonio Banderas which brought us Stella.

Larry King: And she’s close with her husbands. I mean, they all get together, right?

Tippi Hedren: You know, she is an amazing woman. She really is. She cares so much for her children that she makes sure that they all have enough time with their fathers. And we spend holidays, great big dinners together. And it’s just wonderful. I’m so proud of my daughter.

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