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Kathy Griffin on The Best Advice Joan Rivers Gave Her

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Jane Fonda’s life-changing advice to Kathy Griffin

Larry King NowNov 04 '16

Don’t sell your house and definitely don’t buy a new one. These number among the pieces of counsel Kathy Griffin says the inimitable Jane Fonda offered her after a breakup – advice, Griffin says, she follows to this day.

Larry King: Jane Fonda. What'd you-

Kathy Griffin: Well first of all I want to thank you because you actually introduced me to Fonda. So, I've always wanted to meet Fonda. And then remember when we did the birthday show for you at CNN and they brought out Fonda and Phil, Celine, and I got to come out on that one. And I had never met Fonda, and I was super excited, so thank you. And then we became buds, and then after a really really gnarly breakup I didn't know what to do, and so I emailed Jane.
Larry King: You broke up with her?
Kathy Griffin: No. I would never break up with Jane Fonda. I got dumped and I was a wreck. And I thought, who do I know that's a survivor? That's been through the fire? And I emailed Jane Fonda, and I said "I just need to come over, I'm a wreck. Can you, can you see me today?" Or whatever. And she just wrote back "Yeah, come on over." So I went over to her house, which she shares with her boyfriend Richard, and my joke is that she made me the worst quesadilla I've ever had. Because what does she know about, you know, she doesn't even eat, what does she know about a good quesadilla? I was like "more oil!" But she was just lovely, and she listened to my problems, and she gave me great advice. Advice to this day which I keep. Which is, she said, whenever you've been through something that really rocks your world, don't do anything for a year. Don't buy a house, don't sell a house, don't move cross country, don't get married, don't get divorced. 'Cause she was just like, she said "Because I can tell you are a wreck." And she was right.