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Kathy Griffin on Anthony Weiner’s sexting scandals

Larry King NowNov 04 '16

Just shy of the election, Kathy Griffin sounds off on the potential effect of Anthony Weiner’s investigation on Hillary Clinton’s presidency, and what she makes of the disgraced congressman’s sexting “proclivity.”

Larry King: What do you make of the sudden involvement of Anthony Wiener?

Kathy Griffin: OK, well, here's the sad thing. I was actually a Wiener apologist. And I mean that in many ways, not just for Anthony, just in general I was a Wiener apologist.
Larry King: Meaning it's OK for guys to-
Kathy Griffin: To have wieners. You know, I don't love all of them. I've had good ones and bad ones, trust me. I've been around the block and you know that. More than anybody, probably. And so I actually, believe it or not, back in the day I liked him as a congressman. He was very passionate. And now, I mean, you've got these two women who both have to deal with the baggage of the dudes. They're both so smart, so qualified. Once again, to me as a voter, the Anthony Wiener thing has nothing to do, certainly, with Hillary. But it doesn't even have anything to do with Huma Abedin, although now she's a household name. I've met her. I could put her in my next book. She seems very smart and knowledgeable.
Larry King: She is, she's very smart.
Kathy Griffin: Yeah, she's super duper smart.
Larry King: What do you make of Anthony Wiener?
Kathy Griffin: I think he's a guy that has a proclivity that is something more serious than anybody knew. And people are very complicated.
Larry King: Did you know anybody like that? I never knew anyone.
Kathy Griffin: I do. I have known people that are-
Larry King: That did that.
Kathy Griffin: Yeah, I knew a guy that actually went to prison for pedophilia. And I truly would never have known that about him. And he was a guy that was, he did very well in other areas of his life. And I think there are people like that who are able to compartmentalize in a way that, I can't psychoanalyze, but I would imagine that that is his deal.And he has a set of his mind where he used to be a congressman, and he wanted to be mayor and he came fairly close, and then he's got this other side that supersedes all of it.