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Bryan Cranston blasts Trump, will stump for Hillary

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Kathy Griffin on Donald Trump: It’s not funny anymore

Larry King NowNov 04 '16

Just shy of the presidential election, Kathy Griffin unleashes on Donald Trump – namely, his supporters and his fitness for the presidency – and expresses her empathy for Hillary Clinton and the scrutiny she’s endured over the course of her career.

Larry King: Donald Trump.

Kathy Griffin: Where do we start?
Larry King: What do you make of his campaign and the whole thing? The election isTuesday.
Kathy Griffin: Right, I mean, it is-
Larry King: What's your read on this, Griffin? I want you to be a pundit.
Kathy Griffin: I'm going to be a pundit now. OK, so first of all, as a comedian, I, up until quite recently I was like, I love it! It's nothing but fodder, it's amazing material. Now I'm a little bit beyond the "It's cute and funny." Now I'm legit, you know, nervous and worried. Because his supporters frighten me. And I don't know if you saw the tape of the guy yelling at the press "Jew-S-A, Jew-S-A, but I personally didn't buy his reason, which is that he grew up with so many Mexicans that he has that kind of an accent. So that's what we're dealing with, and you know, I mean, he just doesn't know what he's doing. And I think Steve Bannon is toxic, and so is David Bossie, and so is his whole crew he's surrounding himself with. Kellyanne Conway, I don't think she's ever won a campaign. I mean every campaign she's been on is a loser. But she's also a pollster. I do find his pundits a little amusing though. Because when you look at Hills, her pundits are Barack, Michelle, Biden, Madeline Albright. And then his pundits are like some girl that worked at Forever 21 at the mall who then said "Can I have 50 bucks?" I don't, I really don't know where he finds these people. But I don't think that they're going to be on our television for too long.
Larry King: Are you worried that he might win?
Kathy Griffin: Very worried, of course. I'm very worried and I've been doing, having all kinds of fundraisers, and canvasing, and doing all that stuff. Because, first of all as a female I've always wanted a truly qualified female president, and she's it. But also as someone, you know, don't, I don't mean to make the comparison. But I'm just saying, as a woman in stand up comedy, of course I have empathy for another woman who's, you know, just been in such a man's world. You know, she's been investigated for 30 years for nothing. For nothing. Like, they always leave that part out. Where, yes they've investigated the Hell out of her. They haven't found anything. But to this day you have people saying, you know, "She killed Vince Foster." It's, I can't believe all this, remember? Poor Vince Foster's back!
Larry King: I was on the air that night with Bill Clinton.
Kathy Griffin: Yeah, and now you have people referencing that story when I don't even think they remember, like, what the genesis of the whole story was. So it's gotten really really crazy, I just hope people really really vote.
Larry King: What do you make of her fans though? I mean the crazy-- there are some normal fans, too. But the crazy ones?
Kathy Griffin: Well I think he definitely wins the prize as far as the crazy fans. I mean, there's so much footage. Also it's very Hitlerian to try to turn people against the media. So, if you don't have any sense of history, they're using actual Hitler propagandize language, certain German words, etc. But if you don't know anything about that and you don't care, or if you think it's OK to be Joe the Plumber and you just want to say "I'm in the Rust Belt, and I don't have to care about this, I have to put food on the table," that's a problem. Because you're missing those cues. You remember the law and order. We know what that is. That's code.