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Nick Cannon on “elitist” Donald Trump

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Kathy Griffin on the Donald J. Trump foundation

Larry King NowNov 04 '16

Amid questions about the Donald J. Trump Foundation’s legitimacy, Kathy Griffin shares an eyebrow-raising story about donating $3,000 to God’s Love We Deliver at a charity event that someone attempted to persuade her to make out to Trump’s foundation instead.

Larry King: You just told me that you have some information about Trump's tax returns.

Kathy Griffin: Well, we were talking about the charity stuff. So the Donald J. Trump Foundation, etc. So, when our dear departed friend Joan Rivers- who I miss every single day, and I know you do too- when she was a contestant on Celebrity Apprentice, which she won, by the way, at the age of 75, which is phenomenal, and she called me to be a part of a challenge one time. And I would do anything for her, as I know you would, so I said "What do you need me to do?" And she said "I got a bag from Ralph." Ralph Lauren. So Ralph Lauren donated a very expensive handbag. And she said "I need you to just show up and just bid. Overbid! Overbid!" I said "Fine, I'll bid whatever you want." So her charity was God's Love We Deliver. A very legit charity, she was on the board, Michael Kors was on the board, and they literally give meals to AIDS patients. It doesn't get better. So I bid three thousand dollars on the bag, and I go to make out the donation, and someone from production said "Make it out to the Donald J. Trump Foundation." And I said, "I don't feel right about that." And they said, "Oh yeah, everybody does it." But I just wouldn't do it. And it wasn't Donald himself, I'm not saying that. But I said, "Look, I just feel more comfortable making it out directly to God's Love We Deliver." And I did. I made it out directly to the charity. And then David Fahrenthold from the Washington Post reported that God's Love We Deliver never got any money from Trump. So, I mean, these stories are way beyond the Gary Hart being photographed with a chick on his lap. Like, yeah, I mean, this is major. Yeah, and, by the way, giving three grand do a great charity, I would be super upset-
Larry King: Damn right.
Kathy Griffin: -if I had a canceled check to the Donald J. Trump Foundation.
Larry King: Why do you think we haven't found out his income tax?
Kathy Griffin: I mean obviously he's got a lot to hide.
Larry King: With all the hacking though?
Kathy Griffin: Yeah, but I don't know why, even his own supporters should say, look if this has been the tradition for 40 years, we want to know. But I'm so confused why everyday people, working, everyday, working Americans, think it's OK or cool that he didn't pay taxes. Like I get that they wish they didn't have to. But, you know, we do need like the police department, the fire department, the military. We do need those things to be paid for.