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Kunal Nayyar's ideal epilogue for his 'Big Bang' character

Larry King NowNov 07 '16

Kunal Nayyar, who plays Raj Koothrappali on 'The Big Bang Theory,' hysterically describes what he sees his fan favorite character doing later on in life.


Larry King: @aminagabr on Twitter, what's the hardest part about playing Raj?

Kunal Nayyar: The hardest part was being, my character could not speak to women without drinking alcohol for the first six seasons. So I had to do a lot of physical comedy because I had selective mutism. The character had selective mutism. So that was probably the hardest part, is how to be relevant and funny in a scene where I had nothing to say.

Larry King: @hobachi13 on Twitter, your ideal epilogue for your character on Big Bang?

Kunal Nayyar: Oh, I end up in the Playboy mansion with 13 Playboy bunnies. I can make up anything.

Larry King: Still drinking? Yeah.

Kunal Nayyar: Exactly.