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Dee Snider on his current relationship with Trump

Larry King NowNov 09 '16

After he asked Donald Trump to refrain from using hit Twisted Sister song, 'We're Not Gonna Take It,' Dee Snider updates Larry on whether or not the two remain friends and comments on Trump's White House bid.

Larry King: All right, Donald Trump. We’ve gotta bring him up.

Dee Snider: Sure.

Larry King: You were on his show?

Dee Snider: For almost – for three seasons.

Larry King: For three seasons.

Dee Snider: Yeah. In various ways, yes.

Larry King: So how do they keep carrying you over?

Dee Snider: I was in the finale on the John Ridge season, that was the first time I met the team. Second year I was on the show as a contestant. The third year I was in the, I was in the ‘All Star Celebrity Apprentice.’

Larry King: You’re a friend of Donald’s?

Dee Snider: Yes, I’d like to say I am.

Larry King: I’ve known him a long time too. What do you make of this Donald Trump?

Dee Snider: Of- oh I thought you were going to show me something on a page. ‘This is breaking news.’ You know what?

Larry King: Everything’s breaking news.

Dee Snider: You know, and you know this Larry. When you have dinner, when you have drinks, when you socialize, you don’t talk about politics. You don’t talk about religion. I don’t know about you. And you don’t talk about sports. Those are the big three.

Larry King: No, I talk sports.

Dee Snider: You talk sports, okay. You know even that can sometimes break a friendship up when you get into some certain teams. So I mean we socialized, we got along great, we like each other. But these things when he now speaks his opinions, they’re very different from my belief system.

Larry King: Have you spoken to him about it?

Dee Snider: Well I did because when he first started running he called me up and asked if he could use my song ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’ as his anthem. Now, first of all, he should be given credit for the fact that he called up and asked because most people don’t do that. They just start playing your song-

Larry King: That’s like Howard Beal from ‘Network.’

Dee Snider: Right, right.

Larry King: ‘And that is how I’m not gonna take it anymore.’

Dee Snider: So I said, you know what, I said ‘I know we don’t see eye-to-eye on everything but I know you’re gonna raise some hell Donald. Go ahead, use the song. It’s not an endorsement, but use the song.’ And then he started using the song. And then he started talking about the things that we never spoke about over dinner. About the wall, and about all these different things. And I was like, ‘woah,’ and my band was going, ‘hey…’ some of the guys agreed, some didn’t agree. But I was like, I’m not seeing eye-to-eye on this, and then the line for me was when he wanted to ban all Muslims. Now, my grandfather was persecuted, he was a persecuted Russian Jew. And for those that are confused, my mother was Roman Catholic, my father was Jewish, I was raised Episcopalian and sang in the church choir until I was sized. So the only think I know about the Jewish faith is I used to get Hanukkah gilt, which was great for buying Christmas presents for my siblings. But anyway, and he was a persecuted Russian Jew who escaped, came to America, and was granted asylum basically. And because he was granted asylum by this great country I’m here and living my dream. I couldn’t-

Larry King: Did you ask him to stop playing it?

Dee Snider: I couldn’t- I called him up at that point and said, ‘I need you to stop playing the song.’

Larry King: What did he say?

Dee Snider: He said, ‘okay.’ And again, that’s a class act. To ask permission, which nobody does, and then when asked to stop and I explained why he stopped that night. He never used it again.

Larry King: Do you think the real Donald is anti-gay, anti-abortion? Anti-um… Pro-the second amendment? Do you think that’s the real Donald?

Dee Snider: I absolutely do not. I absolutely don’t. I mean I’m pro-second amendment, I’m pro-women’s right to choose, a lot of these philosophies… I mean, he was a Democrat to a few years back. He was a New York guy.

Larry King: He wanted a single-payer healthcare system.

Dee Snider: I don’t… You know, I don’t know what’s going on.

Larry King: Are you voting for Hillary?

Dee Snider: I absolutely am. And again it’s one of those elections of, these were our choices. You either don’t use our amazing right to vote and not vote at all, which I think is a mistake, or you pick one and you go with it.

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