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Would Jason Priestley do a '90210' reunion?!

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Shemar Moore on ‘Criminal Minds,’ & his next chapter

Larry King NowDec 12 '16

Shemar Moore discusses his recent departure from ‘Criminal Minds’ – after 11 years on the series – and what the future has in store for him. Plus, the actor opens up about his family and the realities of being biracial in America.

Actor and producer Shemar Moore joins Larry King to talk about his new film “The Bounce Back,” a love story about a single father finding his way after a terrible divorce. The film is Moore’s first venture into film production, but he hopes it will not be the last. The actor cites Denzel Washington and George Clooney as role models, who went from television actors to celebrated directors.

Then, the daytime Emmy winning actor and Larry King revisit his days on the soap opera “The Young and the Restless.” Shemar Moore speaks to the level of work that it takes to get through a soap opera every day, and how he views his tenure there as the ‘high school’ of his acting career. Moore than turns to his eleven year stint as Derek Morgan on CBS’ “Criminal Minds,” and why he decided to leave the show.

Finally, Larry King asks Shemar Moore to speak to his childhood, which he spent with his mother moving from country to country. Moore acknowledges the role his father’s imprisonment had on his upbringing, and the relationship he shares with his father now. Finally, the newly minted movie star gives insight into his costar’s illness, and the work he has done with the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals since then.