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Shemar Moore opens up about relationship with father

Larry King NowDec 12 '16

In a rare exchange, Shemar Moore opens up about his complicated relationship with his father, who spent four years in San Quentin State Prison when Shemar was younger.

Larry King: You ever see your father?

Shemar Moore: We’re not very close. I’m talking to Larry King and you’re bringing up stuff, I love it, because I don’t talk about this much, but I will tell this. My father’s in my life but on my terms. I defend my mom. He wasn’t good to my mom. You know, we touched on it earlier that we lived overseas, and we did that to protect the family. But my father was erratic and be inconsistent and not doing right by my mom. So he ended up, for my mother enough was enough, he ended up spending four years in San Quentin when I was a baby. And so now fast forward to this day. He’s in my life. I made a decision to help him, cause he was in need, so I bought him a place to keep him safe and I wish the best for him, but it’s up to him to live his life.

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