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The card Shemar Moore’s mom gave him when he left ‘Criminal Minds’

Larry King NowDec 12 '16

Shemar Moore opens up about the powerful card his mother gave him as he ended his 11-year run on ‘Criminal Minds,’ and what’s in store for the actor.

Shemar Moore: My mother gave me a card when I left “Criminal Minds.” And it’s very simple, it sits on my mantle, and it says ‘leap and the net will appear.’ And you know, I’m raised by a single mom, white mom, I’m biracial, she defied all kinds of odds, I mean look at how she’s – you talk about a mentor, I mean my mother truly is a mentor. But look at the adversity that she overcame. And so I took that card to mean believe in yourself, never quit. If it scares you, run at it. If it knocks you down, get up and keep running at it. And eventually that fear will turn into your strength. It will turn into your confidence. And it may sound cheesy but I tell my friends all the – or my fans, I tell my fans – you’re witnessing, I’d like to think you’re witnessing the journey of a dreamer, and it may sound poetic as it is, but that’s who I am. And I don’t want to settle, I don’t want to settle. It’s not about being a superstar, it’s reaching for the mountaintop. Maybe I’ll get to the mountaintop, maybe I won’t, but at least I’ll know I tried. And that’s why I look at Denzel and George Clooney.

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